UK Immigration

Tier 1 Visa

The Tier 1 (General) route (previously known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) was closed for new applicants on 6th April 2011. However, those holding leave to remain in the UK as Tier 1 (General) Migrants or as highly skilled migrants are eligible to extend their stay and apply for settlement after five years.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa

General Overview of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Route
The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category of the Point Based System is for those who wish to set up, join in or take over a business in the UK and be actively involved in running this business.
Entrepreneurs are required to invest in the business £200,000 which can be their own money or the money provided by a third party, in other words, a borrowed capital.

Tier 1 (Investor) visa

This visa is for high net worth individuals wishing to acquire residence rights or citizenship in the UK by way of making an investment into the UK economy.
New Requirements to Tier 1 (Investor) visa introduced on 29 March 2019 include:

  • Transparency of the source of funds
  • Due diligence research to be carried out by the financial institutions where the investment account is open
  • Investment into government bonds is no longer allowed; investment in registered UK companies
  • International money transfers to the UK have to be recognised as legitimate in the source country and any transit countries.

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