Entrepreneur and Investor Visas

This visa is for high net worth individuals wishing to acquire residence rights or citizenship in any country by way of making an investment into the economy.


Transparency of the source of funds;
Due diligence research to be carried out by the financial institutions where the investment account is open, International money transfers has to be legitimate in the source country and any transit countries.

Financial Requirements

Applicants are required to have access to not less than $2 million, for the purposes of investment in the country. The money must be under the applicant’s control and disposable in that country. If the money is in the form of a loan, the applicant has to demonstrate that their personal assets exceed $2 million.

English language and maintenance

Applicants do not have to meet the English language or maintenance requirements.
Although investors are not required to work, they are permitted to take up employment in that country.

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