Hajj and Umrah

It is one of the strongest desires of a Muslim to undertake Hajj and Umrah tours to Saudi Arabia at least one time in the life. When a Muslim goes to visit the house of Allah, his faith on religion and on blessings of Allah strengthens and he feels eternal peace at the holy land.
Bright Travels Tours specializes in providing Hajj and Umrah trips that offer our pilgrims a worry free experience, where they can truly enjoy the soul cleansing spiritual experience.
We offer the best hotels and the most convenient locations, closest to Al-Haramain Al-sharifayn. We offer a full range of customized Packages in Saudi Arabia that are tailored specifically to the need of the Clients to perform their religious obligations with complete peace of mind.
We organize Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage with a high standard of service & professionalism. The company offers its best services by providing pre-arranged accommodation, fresh and healthy food and comfortable travel arrangements, both at point of origin and destination.

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